I am asking companies to take the #ForeverPledge

 We are standing in solidarity and pledge our support to the fight against historic and systemic oppression for the rest of our brand’s lifetime. 

15% of each Forever ring will go to organizations fighting racial injustice as well to grants for Black-owned businesses. The funds will be directed to a new organization (shared on Instagram) weekly, forever

If small brands like mine can pledge our support, so can others.

Black Lives Matter.

Screenshot and share this demand. Tag brands, entrepreneurs, influencers, company heads who have the means, influence, and platforms to take action.

Racial injustice is not a 24-hour issue. Be an ally. Commit to the fight. Now, and forever. 


Companies taking the #ForeverPledge:

As this campaign grows, we are sharing the names of the companies who have pledged in order to encourage more (and bigger) companies to do so, too, as well as to hold companies accountable by asking that they share the specifics of their commitment on their platforms after they took the #ForeverPledge. 


 Reverie Review

"100% of the proceeds from our buttons will be donated to different organizations in need each month in order to fight racial injustice, forever."