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The Catherine Signet

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Originally, signet rings were engraved with one's initials or coat of arms as a symbol of family heritage. Let the Catherine signet's freshwater pearl serve as the #pearlparty crest, and imbue a little tradition into your regular rotation. 

Handmade in Toronto in Sterling silver. Customization available for different stones or metal upon request. Please allow for 1-2 weeks to ship as this is a made-to-order piece.

Catherine the Great was the longest-ruling female ruler of Russia. During her reign, the Empress revitalized her country, transforming it into one of the great powers of Europe. A patron of the arts, she created the first institute of higher learning for women, and invested time and money into creating what is now one of the most important art museums in Russia. If her portraits are to be believed, she was no stranger to a #pearlparty.