It’s not particularly novel to find your latest muse on your explore page. But fatefully enough, that is how I stumbled upon a then heavily-pregnant Marianne Theodorsen, dripping in leopard print and making the case for storing your Chanel bag inside a PVC one (for extra cool-factor points and preservation purposes, no doubt).

Since our inception, self-professed style chameleon Marianne, has been on our moodboard. And from the start, she has been an incredible supporter of the brand basically content creating for Neophyte and being consistently generous with us. I hope that one day we can discuss the revival of the Fendi baguette and the double-edged sword of freelancing over drinks, but until then, I’ll settle for a Q&A.

Keep scrolling to read all about Nordic winter hacks, her favourite tattoo, and what she's a neophyte at right now. As an extra treat, I've included some screenshots that detail our respective confusions over wool "underwear"... you'll see!

                      XO, Anna


Marianne wears the Ripple and Yellow Pearl Barrettes.

NEOPHYTE JEWELS: I’ll open with this because we first connected on Instagram: Although I have personally found it to be problematic at times, from a business perspective, I know I would not have gotten to where I am so quickly without it. I also know I would not have been able to make genuine connections with other business owners and creatives without my Neophyte account. Do you see Instagram as a professional tool? How has it helped your career? 

MARIANNE THEODORSEN: Absolutely! As of now Instagram is my full time job - crazy right? Signing up early on this platform and working with content from day one has given me so many opportunities and connected me with so many amazing people and brands - I would never have been where I am today without it. I think its important to make a plan and stick to it - and for Gods sake value quality over quantity. 


NJ: Can you walk me through your day as a “Creative Kind of Person” as you call yourself? 

MT: No day is the same - some days I'll just stay at home answering emails, while others I'll do a shoot with a brand or work with producing content for my own Instagram. That’s what I love about being independent - you never know what next week might bring. I’ve had a steady 9-5 job since I was 17, so this is all new to me. It's exciting, but also a bit stressful - gotta pay them bills you know! 

I wouldn’t want it any other way at the moment tough - My schedule is flexible - and having a toddler it makes things so much easier. I feel incredibly lucky. 

NJ: When and where do you feel your most creative?

MT: When I have a certain task and I can sit down with my sketch book. 

NJ: For the past few years, a fascination with Scandinavian style has been brewing. How would you describe that style? And how do you describe your own style in relation to it?

MT: Scandinavian style is very practical - most Scandinavians dress to keep the elements at bay - not to stand out. However I feel in the last couple of years there has been a change - we still dress practical, but there’s much more personality to it. 

As for me practicality is key, but I always try to bring some color and fun into it.


Marianne wears the Green Sparkler, the Yellow Pearl Barrette, and the Dang It Barrette.

NJ: Do you find that creative expressions like tattoos are more accepted in Norway/Scandinavia because of that not-so-self-serious style? 

MT: I don't really know how this is elsewhere, but in Norway almost no one raises an eyebrow over your tattoos. I guess with some jobs it will be a problem, but luckily not with mine haha.


NJ: Side note— favourite tattoo of yours? 

MT: My little Till tattoo on my collarbone. 


NJ: Do you have any favourite Scandinavian brands? Some fashion/beauty secrets that you’re hoarding up north?

MT: There are SO many good Scandinavian brands at the moment (we're talking clothes right?). I love Tom Wood - they make the BEST rings and denim! Other favorites are Ganni, Holzweiler, FWSS..the list goes on and on!

As for beauty: daily face masks, a good cleansing regime, and loads of moisture!


NJ: I’ve followed you since before your pregnancy with your son, Till, but I haven’t noticed your sartorial ways changing much after he was born. Has motherhood affected the way you dress? 

MT: Not really - when I was breastfeeding during the day I had to think practical when it came to tops and sweaters, but other than that I dress as I want. If the dress gets a stain… so be it. Clothes are made to be worn - not to hang in my closet waiting for the perfect occasion. 


NJ: Hailing from Canada I know a thing or two about harsh winters, but I think Oslo’s may be worse. What do you think about when you get dressed in the morning during the cold moths?  

MT: I have one goal: to stay warm. Wool underwear* and knitted socks makes it easier. And layers... lots of them.


NJ: What are you a Neophyte at right now? 

MT: Being my own boss.

*Re: wool underwear - Marianne and I both have a different understanding of what the latter word refers to. Nothing that a confusing exchange of DMs couldn't fix though...



Thanks again to Marianne for taking the time to answer our Qs and to you for getting this far! Catch us in February for another muse feature, and on Friday for the next drop!



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