Katia Hanine isn't interested in being pigeon holed. The science nerd/fashion lover/marketing expert is set on creating out her own path - one that she can carve to her liking. Some may wonder how someone who holds an undergraduate degree in biology and a Master's in Education ends up not only as a digital marketer but an influencer and creative in her own right. Luckily, she was kind enough to let us in. Keep reading to find out more about our Canadian muse Katia, and discover her top holiday picks. We may be biased but if you know her you know she has good taste 😉



NEOPHYTE JEWELS: Not only do you manage your own blog and brand, you're the Digital Marketing Manager at Addition Elle. Can you talk about how you define your career?

KATIA HANINE: I define my career as the extension of my passions. I truly believe that by continuing to put my heart and soul in the subjects I adore I was able to get to where I am today. Growing up, I always had a difficult time deciding if my love for sciences, mathematics, logics or my love for the arts, fashion, clothing would define my career. Thankfully, my parents were strong believers in us pursuing whatever made us happy, but I could not make up my mind. At age 4, in the morning, I was flipping through Vogue while my grandma was designing and sewing a new outfit but in the afternoon, I was spending time with my Grandpa and learning math, science and astronomy and playing teacher. I strongly believe that my grandparents shaped and molded the women I am today. I adore being around other people, I love working with different people, I love teaching or an extension of (giving talks, seminars, presentations), I love being creative and I love fashion.


NJ: What are the challenges of essentially working two jobs that require creativity, innovation, and lots of social media hours?

KH: I think the challenge is learning to set boundaries. When you love your two jobs, it’s hard to just stop. 


NJ: What have been some of your biggest lessons you've learned as a professional?

KH: I had the immense opportunity to be mentored by amazing women from my teaching career to my current job and I’ve learned so much and am still learning but the best advice I got in terms of being a people manager is the following: ''Build a team so strong you don’t know who the boss is'' & ''Be Somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody’'.

NJ: You talk a lot about body positivity on your account. Can you talk a little bit about being an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in an industry that still feels unwilling to change? Is it frustrating? Do you ever feel exhausted? Empowered?

KH: Being an advocate for diversity came very naturally to me, it wasn’t a trend thing, which I feel a lot of people are jumping on right now. Body diversity is something my parents instilled in my sister and I from a young age. For me, because I’ve always felt so comfortable with it, I felt that by having this platform available to me, it was only normal to share this with everyone. I have zero frustration. I will continue doing me and putting my message out there, sharing it with my kids and so forth.


NJ: Apart from more inclusion - what are some things that you're excited to see in the future of the industry?

KH: I really love IRL experiences and I am interested to see how brands build their awareness through new and fun experiences.

NJ: In the nearer future - what are you gifting this holiday season?

KH: Everything personalized.


NJ: What's on your list? (hint hint, hubby)

A Chanel bag but that won’t happen because I need to finish planning our wedding ;) 


NJ: Where and when do you feel most creative?

KH: At home.


NJ: Are there any upcoming projects that you can share with us?

KH: Working on photoshoots for Addition Elle and trying to be more present on my blog and releasing articles.


NJ: What are you a neophyte at?

KH: Cooking :)




 The Heart Pearl Barrette

The Medium Pearl Barrette

The Shell Barrette


Thanks again to Katia for lending her time to us. You can find her on Instagram here, and check out her blog here


The interview has been edited for clarity. All images courtesy of Katia Hanine, @lapiz_of_luxury

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