In a less-is-more (sartorial) economy, where crisp Celine-esque garb and nude grids are having a moment, Anna Winck makes the case for excess. To describe her aesthetic would be to enumerate contradictions. She is punk but ladylike. Childish yet geriatric. At times she looks like a tomboy, and other, like a kid who's gotten into the costume box. She is dripping with stick-and-poke tattoos, gingham, feathers, and currently, a Mediterranean sunkiss. The only definite? She is having a moment

When I first stumbled upon her account, she was just shy of 10k followers. A few emails later, she's pushing 24,000, popping up on publications like Hobnob and Her Hour, and now - on our own site. I'm so grateful that my name sister took the time to answer some questions - scroll down to find out more about style chameleon Anna Winck. Her outfits are the best back-to-school inspo I've seen in a while and we made sure to share them in all their stylish multitudes. 



NEOPHYTE JEWELS: You're currently working as an assistant to stylist Hanna Mw in Stockholm. Can you tell us a little bit about what you do and what your day looks like?

ANNA WINCK: I can't say it's really a schedule, but me and Hanna work together when she needs me for some stylings. We have done some really fun job trips together - I love working with Hanna.

NJ: How do you dress for work?

AW: Everyday is different! Sometimes a suit, sometimes a schoolgirl outfit. I dress the way my mood is.

NJ: How would you describe your personal style?

AW: Colourful, broad and weird.

NJ: Top 3 favourite items in your closet? 

AW: My vintage leather jacket, my Iron Maiden top which I've had since I was a kid and my white bermudas.

NJ: On top of accessorizing with pearls and feathers, you have quite the tattoo collection to decorate your body. Do you have a fave? 

AW: Yes! My butt with a dollar sign is my all time fav!

NJ: Cheesy question but where do you see yourself in 5 years?

AW: Hopefully in Copenhagen, together with a hot Danish man. Working with my social platform and happy.

NJ: What do you think is the most important thing to help you reach that goal?

AW: Not being afraid of trying new things.

NJ: Where and when do you feel most creative?

AW: At night.

NJ: What’s on your bedside table?

AW: Lavender oil for calming the body, my fav jewellery, a book that I never read and my iPhone. 

NJ: What are you a neophyte at?

AW: I am neophyte about myself. I'm going through a period in my life right now where I'm learning a lot about myself and dealing with what I've gone through in my past.




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