My single greatest accomplishment since launching Neophyte has been a small but symbolically mighty one: turning my mother into a pearl-wearer. 

Up until last fall, she deemed pearls to be geriatric accessories - jewellery that would prematurely age her, and that let's face it, doesn't come cheap.

But once seen through the inherently youthful vessel of barrettes - I started making leeway. She starting pinned up cute updos in her Minnie clip and lined Pearl Party barrettes in her hair. Eventually, she graduated to the real stuff: asking me to add a freshwater pearl pendant to her silver chain. Just last week we made her a Catherine signet to keep the party going. 

Pearls are personal. Some are more into using them to elevate a simple hairdo and others just want to add them to their #armparty. Others want forever stones to decorate their earlobes or fingers with.

Thanks to all you neophytes on Instagram, we've been able to see the countless ways you pearl. Scroll down to get inspired and then - shop away!


More is more. Courtesy of @marianne_theodorsen

Don't be afraid to play with colour. Taste the rainbow with our Pearl Party Barrettes! Courtesy of @linmick


Sometimes one is all you need. Courtesy of @raginirajpal_

The Rainbow Pearl Necklace loves making friends. Courtesy of @marianne_theodorsen 

Your earlobes new forever best friends. Stack the Zadie Hoops or let em steal the show. Courtesy of @chimeraco.lab and @rawkavai

Custom pearls make for the sweetest hair treat (second only to serum, maybe). Courtesy of @sofievalkiers

For a long time, the rule has said to match your purse to your shoes. But how cute is it to match it your hair accessories? Courtesy of @scoutandlight

A personal fave way: mix and match colour, size, and pearl! Here I (@ajstainsby) am wearing a baby, regular, and medium pearl barrette! 

The Leandra Earrings and Catherine signet are the perfect forever pearls. Pearl forehead optional. Courtesy of @chimeraco.lab and @rawkavai

Cute mani suggested to match with the Rainbow Pearl Bracelet. Courtesy of @bycindysocietal

The easiest way to elevate a sleek bun: stack some pearls on the side! Courtesy of @flexmami

Final case for the pearl party barrettes - I mean... they're out there living the life they deserve. Courtesy of @linmick 

And one more time for the people in the back: CUSTOM PEARLS! Courtesy of @chrisellelim


What round up do you want to see next? DM/email/snail mail me! I want to know!




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