The title says it all. It's hard to believe but sharing this playlist has been on our To-Do list ever since we threw our first anniversary party back in October 😬Now that we're all WFH, I asked our Creative Director, (and playlist creator extraordinary) Gaby to finally get this post together! Enjoy her preface, and of course, the perfect playlist for an at-home (and potentially solo) dance party - Anna

For those of us physical distancing at home – working, virtual partying, or self-caring - the Neophyte Party playlist gives a bit of respite to the COVID-19 madness. Originally made for the Neophyte anniversary party, it covers chill vibes (CYANIDE REMIX - Daniel Caesar and Koffee), mid-tempo grooves (Late Night – Lucky Daye), bops (Girls @ - Joey Purp and Chance the Rapper), throwbacks (like the kinda-ironic-listening-but-not-really song, Me Love – Sean Kingston), and just straight up bangers (Man! I Feel Like a Woman! – do I even need to say?). This eclectic playlist runs through at least half a dozen genres, engineered to build up your party vibe from getting ready tracks to songs you can’t help but dance to. For those looking to recreate the Neophyte party experience with a gradual vibe buildup, listen to the songs in order. And for the Neophytes looking for a vibe whiplash, feel free to shuffle through.

In case you’re in a more productive headspace, look out for our WFH playlist coming next week!


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