Not to state the obvious, but the holiday season won't be the same this year. In the grand scheme of things, a missed (or at least altered) season of celebration is not the end of the world. But that being said, I think it's okay to admit that we'll miss some things this winter.

The pre-party prep with your best friends who come to "help" bake ginger cookies and open wine at 4 pm. The excuse to pull out the festive/borderline-campy party tops that generally spend most of the year in hibernation. The slow pour of people coming in, wiping snowflakes off their shoulders. The build up of voices that drown out the Christmas songs which, yes, get old after a while but hey, it's on theme. And then of course, the end-of-the-night talks on the couch, scooping the remainder of the cheese board into your mouth as you wash down the night with more food, and yes, more eggnog.

While the big parties and shared plates won't happen this year, that doesn't mean that the holiday spirit is cancelled, too. You can still share that cozy feeling with your loved ones - with your bubble, over Zoom, or of course, through gift giving! To help you out with the latter, we've compiled a gift guide for every price point so that you can spoil the people you love and offer a little colour and sparkle to round off this crazy, crazy year.


1. Scrap Scrunchies

2. Custom Barrette

3. Word Bracelet

4. Dang It Barrette

5. Surprise Star Bracelet

6. Medium Pearl Barrette


1. Neophyte Nail Polish

2. Maggie: Issue 02

3. XL Pearl Party Barrette

4. Oyster Ring Dish

5. Smile Back Anklet

6. Shell Barrette


1. Neophyte x Nalgene Doodle Bottle

2. Goober Candle

3. The Elizabeth Earrings

4. Ripple Cups

5. The Everyday Tissue Box

6. Bud Vase

UNDER $100

1. The Coco Bracelet

2. The Zadie Hoops

3. Poison Mushroom Candle

4. Everybody Bin

5. The Forever Ring

6. The Baby Collar

7. The Globe Vase

UNDER $250

1. The Chain

2. The Jeanne Blouse in Polka Dot

3. The Party Dress

4. The Alexandria Ring

5. The Tiny Checkmate Bag

6. The Cloudy with a Chance Bag

UNDER $375

1. For the Ages Baguette

2. The Sarah Earrings

3. The Jane Signet

4. The Sweetheart Ring

5. Book Ends

6. The Valentina Ring

UNDER $500

1. The Perfect Hoops

2. Bend Vase

3. The Gobstopper Signet

4. The Daisy Signet

5. The Bling Ring


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