Initially, I'd planned on releasing the inaugural post of our newest series before launch. It left me with little wiggle room (one day to be exact) but I figured that would be enough to caption a handful of photos and release them into the black hole that is the interweb. 

But despite my 18 hour work-day upon my return, not a second could be dedicated to anything not involving the actual functionality of the site and the details of each product I'd be uploading the next day. An exercise in photography and captioning would have to wait.

A week later, with the pearl-hued dust settled, I've set aside 45 minutes to relive my OOO days and introduce CAMERA ROLL - the latest series to complement our Q&As. 

As curious as I am about the inner workings of people's creativity, their point of view on style, etc. I am very much interested in their day-to-day lives. What does it look like? What do they photograph? Why? Most of the images that occupy my camera roll never see the light of day - i.e. Instagram. But they do offer an interesting insight into a week of my life (and then some). They are arguably more interesting when I'm OOO, which is why I hadn't pulled the trigger on the series until I went to Maine with my boyfriend's family, one week before the launch. Our new series, CAMERA ROLL, offers a little glimpse into the lives and visuals of creatives - and honestly, scratches my nosy bone. 

Whose camera roll do you want to see next? DM me, email me, pigeon courier it to me - whatever! I want to know, and be intrusive for you! 

Without fail, this is our first order of business after crossing the border. Sour straws and Combos are not easily found in Toronto (please show me the light if I'm wrong) and so we stock up at the nearest gas station.

This probably isn't news to American readers, but I was OVER THE MOON about the free coffee at rest stops. Free anything tickles my fancy but free coffee is just the bee's knees. Had to document it to text it to my mom.  

We made it! After a 12-hour drive, heavily caffeinated and sugar-fuelled, we got to walk down to the beach and have a drink. The only thing that could've topped that was watching the two cutest pups in the world while we drank rosé. They're my boyfriend's sister's and they are the best. 

Another beverage photo sent my mom in response to her asking what we were up to. 

Aforementioned boyfriend's sister (both of which do have names - Marcus and Gaby) co-owns a restaurant and butcher shop and came PREPARED. Side note: I'm thinking about featuring her on our Q&A series so if you have any questions about the food industry, running a restaurant, etc. DM me and I'll include them!

I know the intention wasn't to keep rings in sight, but the Alexandria ring and I appreciate it nonetheless. 

A flight to wash down 3 very strong margaritas. 

Probably taken after said flight. 

When one neophyte finds another in the wild.

It was in going through these that I realized that what I seem to photograph most are cheese and alcohol. It reminded me of a quote that goes something along the lines of ~to know what people fear losing, look at what they photograph~. Hits the nail right on the head. 


Unpopular opinion: I don't find that oysters taste like much. Not the biggest fan. This homemade cocktail sauce really turned it around for me, though so props to the peeps at Batson River. 

Their turmeric cocktail may have helped, too. 

Mayo, lobster, rosé in a can. What this image doesn't show is the conference call I had in the morning, countless emails sent to press, copy writing etc. that had to get done before. Going away the week before launch meant that it wouldn't be a real R&R situation. 

That said, I did manage to strike a balance between business and pleasure. Exhibit A: this photo of me sipping on a beer before (and during) a Skype call with my Chimera Collective team. It was just too hot not to. 

In more wholesome content, Marcus and I spent 70% of the trip working on crossword puzzles. We quite literally squealed when his mom gave us this Canada Day edition to do. 

Fun game: spot the onlooker's peace sign. I will accept this as flattery. 

I mean... 

For our final trick, we stopped by McDonald's to grab more treats that we can't get in Canada (i.e. real chicken apparently). I spent our ride getting quite nauseous editing our website in the passenger's seat. It's never as fun going home, but even less so with less than 48 hours to launch and with a million technical issues rearing their heads last minute. 


Just over a week later, I'm glad that when I relived my trip through the photos I took, only one involved work. I love my work, don't get me wrong, and I am grateful that I can take it on the road. But I was a *little* bummed that the timing meant that I would have to work every single day. 

Although it felt like I couldn't fully be on holidays, my camera roll tells another story. And while that statement may seem pejorative - deceitful almost, suggesting that photos do not, cannot capture reality - I'd rather look at it as how many moments I was able to steal just for myself and my loved ones. I think that's a better way to look at it. 

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