Whether or not you're actually going back to school, September is undeniably a new beginning.

Soon enough, a breeze will replace those dog days of summer and new routines will come into play. I'm not mad about either. Fall is my absolute favourite season (hello layering!) and I really do love diving into new territory. I mean, I didn't name my brand Neophyte because I shy away from newness. 

In getting ready for this new season, I've been thinking about the best ways to prepare. Normally this would include Staples runs for new books and maybe a small shopping spree for new clothes. But this year, all I really want is to set my mind up for success. To me, that means prioritizing exercise (just rejoined my old gym!), reading (diving into A Visit from the Goon Squad as we speak) and implementing a "work smarter not harder" mentality. To recharge before a busy year, I am (mostly) taking the last week of August off, before I go back to school and run this business. 

With that said, I'm a huge proponent of the "look good feel good" school of thought. Its success rate (for me) has been 100% and that's just good math. When I stay in PJs all day I just don't feel as good, as powerful, or honestly, as productive as I do when I'm wearing an outfit I feel good in. First of all, the former makes me want to stay in bed and nap whereas the latter has me out the door, ready to take on the world and show 'em what I got - if only how great my sartorial combo is.  So to inspire myself - and hopefully you - I've put together an edit of outfits inspired by the Copenhagen Fashion Week Scene (yup, still not over it). And of course, I've included the accessories I'll be rotating next week to give me that extra bit of strength (and fun). 

Sound off in comment section and let me know how you are getting ready for this new season! I want to know! 




Easter inspired, lady-like AF, and one more way to extend good weather into the fall. Channel grandma chicness and don't hold back on the pearls or the coordination.

2. K-I-S-S

Keep it simple (we know how hard those early mornings are that first week) and let a single pop of colour do all the work for you. Be it with a pearl party barrette or a one-of-a-kind necklace, chic doesn't have to be complicated.

May we suggest: 


Enter the best part of the changing weather: layering. Play around with lengths, bright colours, and patterns. Swap out the Chanel bag for pearls for a little extra texture and then channel the rainbow above the neck.   

May we suggest: 


Don't let the tie dye die out just yet. Swap out the sandals for booties and the cut offs for jeans to transition into cooler weather. Want a little extra bling? Add some hardware - diamonds tend to do the trick ;-) 

May we suggest: 




It is a truth universally acknowledged that pink and red are the soul sisters of ROYGBIV. Bring the pairing beyond Valentine's Day and into the classroom - or wherever your September brings you!

May we suggest:


Streetstyle images via Vogue.com

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