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here's why they matter so much to small businesses:

Pre-orders help us grow with minimum risk and avoid investing in things YOU, our customers, don't actually want -  as a small business both of these are KEY to sustainability. Oh, and speaking of, we don't want the small brands we work with to overproduce and overspend themselves if their pieces don't have forever homes. So basically, pre-orders just make good sense all around.

We recently discovered a small brand based in Oslo (my Scandi following may just know about them already!) called Baby Daughter who carry the cutest accessories. I'm so excited to offer their Fuck Off Hair Claw for pre-order in all 3 colourways! The choice is tough but if you buy all 3 (for you and your GFs for example... or just for you, no judgment here 👀) you'll automatically get 10% off your order! 

ne·o·phyte ˈ nēə ˌ fīt/ noun. a person who is new to a subject, skill, or belief.

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Support a small business by purchasing a gift card.

★ As long as we live, our Forever Ring gives back ★

We stand in solidarity and pledge our support to the fight against historic and systemic oppression for the rest of our brand’s lifetime. 15% of each Forever ring will go to organizations fighting racial injustice. The funds will be directed to a new organization (shared on Instagram) monthly, forever. Black Lives Matter, FOREVER.

We believe we're all neophytes

Neophyte is a brand, a community, and an ethos. Through the power of aesthetics, we want to empower people to try something new and feel good doing it. Whether you’re new to a language, to home decor, or even to a job, Neophyte has the tools to promote the courage and creativity it takes to go out into the world and try

What began as a side hustle selling hair accessories has become a constantly evolving, community-based project. 

By supporting our company, you’re not only supporting the neophytes who run it but the women we strive to elevate in the process - inspiring creatives who deserve to be given a platform.

Our work is designed and made in Toronto by women, for everyone.